I started Mountain Biking in high school, put simply my mates were into it and as a kid you want to do what your friends are doing. What 14 year doesn’t like going out on their bike…. jumping and tearing down the hill. Looking back my racing progression was very natural, from a club level to state, national and then international racing. It certainly wasn’t easy and I had my fair share of set backs on my 14 year journey of being a Pro Mountain Biker travelling the world racing my bike, which included representing my country on many occasions including the Athens Olympics.

Over those years I was fortunate enough to have a good support network to guide me on my journey to becoming a Professional Athlete. With the Target / Trek Team working so hard at supporting so many of our young riders I’ve decided to join the Target / Trek program in 2014 as a Mentor to the younger riders. I’m looking forward to being able to give back and helping our next generation of riders achieve their dreams.

  • TWITTER: @SidTaberlay
  • DOB: 1980
  • YEARS RACING: Since 1994
  • COACH: Self
  • TREK BIKE(s): Superfly, Fuel, Road & CX
  • HOMETOWN: Kingston Beach, TAS
  • YEARS WITH TREK Racing Australia: Two
  • JOB: Shadforth Financial Group Hobart