I originally come from an Enduro motorbike background. I had always ridden mountain bikes but just for the fun of it. Then I went riding with the local bike shop owner one afternoon and he said ” I should get into racing”. Eventually I started to win and that’s all I wanted to do. Once that start gun goes off I have 110% focus and the drive to win. I want to be the best and sometime I take risks to try to achieve that goal.

I currently work full time at Bike Culture in Canberra. When I’m not working or training I like to do some ‘freeriding’, hunting, moto riding, and just going fast and having fun.

The people I look up to are people I ride with regularly. If it wasn’t for Target Trek and the people who run it basically I wouldn’t have made it to the World Champs or even National Champs.  So I truly appreciate what the team has done for us as athletes. It’s also like a family in our team.

  • Twitter: @jacklavis1
  • DOB:20/01/1995
  • Hight: 175cm
  • Weight:72kg
  • Years racing: 5ish
  • Clubs: CORC (Canberra Off Road Cyclist)
  • Coach: n/a
  • Bikes: Trek Superfly SL/ Trek Superfly AL
  • Hometown: Batemans Bay
  • Living: Canberra
  • Disciplines: XCO/ Gravity Enduro
  • World ranking:
  • Aussie ranking:
  • Years with Target Trek: 1yeat 2months