The Trek Racing Australia MTB team has evolved from Anytime Fitness Trek in 2010 to Target Trek MTB racing and is now known as “Trek Racing Australia”. The team was the brain child of Anytime Fitness CEO Richard Peil who is extremely passionate about supporting, encouraging and nurturing some of Australia’s best MTB riders. Richard’s goal is to see Australia’s best mix it with the World’s best with the backing and support they need and deserve.

Trek Racing Australia is now owned and operated by Canberra’s own Peter Dowse and the teams goals haven’t changed. Trek Racing Australia is right behind their athletes in achieving both their short term and long term goals in a relaxed, friendly and supportive team environment.

The team has already produced a number of champions and have multiple Australian titles to its name. On top of that the team have also helped guide athletes into pro contacts to compete on the world stage. This includes UCI World Cup Podiums, Championships, race wins and 2012 Olympic Games representation.

To add to the already fantastic team atmosphere is the senior riders mentoring role for the younger riders in the team. With the future of Australian mountain biking being with our juniors, the team and its senior riders are right behind their juniors making sure to keep it fun, but at the same time show them the pathway to the top.


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  • Brendan Johnston
  • Reece Tucknott
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